Faculty classroom film & projectionist request form

This form has been disabled (thanks, Internet spambots!). Please contact your department's projectionist by phone. Be prepared to provide the kind of information listed on this form.

Teacher information

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Classroom film requests

Requests for any 16mm, DVD, or videos from the UFC should be emailed directly to me at Pablo@InternationalFilmSeries.com or submitted directly to the receptionist to put in my mailbox. Deadlines: May 31 for Fall, Oct 31 for Spring, Mar 31 for Maymester, Apr 31 for Summer. By when can you hand me your list?

Class information

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Classroom-specific information

Does this classroom have a projectionist booth?Yes
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Does this classroom accommodate 16mm CinemaScope?Yes
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Will you require a microphone?Yes
Will you require a slide projector?Yes
Do you require a projectionist for dvd/vcr projection?Yes
Do you any preferred projectionists in mind? If so, please list names, in order of preference
Please list any other concerns or considerations you have (ie: special instructions you want conveyed to your projectionist or any other such matters)