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The Weatherman Shorts Program: Native American Visions, Sun November 15
2015, 7:30 only

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Subject The Weatherman Shorts Program: Native American Visions shows at IFS on Sun November 15
2015, 7:30 only

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The Weatherman Shorts Program: Native American Visions

Sun November 15
2015, 7:30 only

An extraordinary showcase of works by Native Americans from a number of tribes throughout the United States, this program offers dreams caught in the web of the original people plus one homage to the Dakota Sioux.

  • Mass For The Dakota Sioux (Bruce Baillie, 1964, 20 min)
    A film Mass, dedicated to nobility and excellence. The Mass is traditionally a celebration of Life; thus the contradiction between the form of the Mass and the theme of Death. The dedication is to the religious people who were destroyed by the civilization which evolved the Mass.
  • Jáaji Approx. (Sky Hopinka, Ho-Chunk, 2015, 8 min)
    Logging and approximating a relationship between audio recordings of my father and videos gathered of the landscapes we have both separately traversed, this work approaches its concept through a tapering use of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcriptions of the audio. The initial distance between the logger and the recordings, of recollections and of songs, new and traditional, narrows while the images become an expanding semblance of filial affect. Jáaji is a near translation for directly addressing a father in the Hočak language.
  • Ronnie BoDean ( Steven Paul Judd, Kiowa and Choctaw, 2015, 13 min)
    Ronnie BoDean, a larger-than-life outlaw who must shake off an epic hangover and use his considerable street knowledge to take on his greatest challenge yet- babysitting his jailed neighbor's precocious kids. When Ronnie's out-of-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire approach to child rearing lands the kids in the cross hairs of a psychotic thug, it's up to Ronnie to save the day.
  • OK Breathe Auralee (Brooke Swaney, Blackfeet and Salish, 2012, 15min)
    This could be a film about a woman wanting a baby and all the things she does to try and get what she wants.  Some might say it’s an experiential film that puts the viewer into an odd mindset.  It could also be labeled as a Native identity film about an adopted woman discovering her past.
  • HUITZILOPOCHTLI (Hummingbird) (Tracy Rector, Choctaw/Seminole, 2013, 6min)
    The hummingbird dives and darts with great agility, representing fertility and joy. Huitzilopochtli is an expression of willpower, strength and survival carried forward through dance.
  • Blood Memory (Marcella Ernest, Ojibwe, 2010, 4min)
    Dream-like images from 8mm home movies create a poetic and intimate contemplation on identity and memory. With tools old and new—8mm home movies and the iPhone.

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