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Pay lot 360 (now only $1/hour!), across from the buffalo statue and next to the Duane Physics tower, is closest to Muenzinger. Free parking can be found after 5pm at the meters along Colorado Ave east of Folsom stadium and along University Ave west of Macky.


Park elsewhere and catch the HOP to campus


Oscar Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Muenzinger Auditorium

Oscar Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Several feet of snow did not stop this from being one of last year's most popular selections. This year we’ve added the Oscar nominated documentaries (Wednesday only) and have added an extra day for the animated and live action shorts. We'll be screening the animated part of the program at 7pm only on all three days, and then following them with the live action shorts at 9:30pm (again all three days). Separate admission applies.

Live Action Shorts


UK/26 MIN. Director: Tanel Toom. Writer: Caroline Bruckner. Producer: Emily Williams.

Cast: Aran Bell, Joe Eales, Lewis Howlett, James Simmons

Quiet and sincere, 9-year-old Sam is worried about making his first confession at church. As his conscience is clear, he therefore cannot hope for any relief from the experience. He and his friend Jacob decide to remedy that situation, but their initially innocent prank turns unexpectedly tragic.

WISH 143

UK/24 MIN. Director: Ian Barnes. Writer: Tom Bidwell. Producer: Samantha Waite.

Cast: Jim Carter, Jodie Whittaker, Dean Andrews

A fifteen-year-old boy with only months to live is granted one wish from the Dreamscape Charity. But David doesn't want to go to Disneyland or meet Gary Neville; what he really wants is an hour alone with a naked woman.


Belgium/19 MIN. Director: Ivan Goldschmidt. Writers: Ivan Goldschmidt, Jean-Luc Pening. Producer: Ivan Goldschmidt.

Cast: Renaud Rutten

1994: There is civil war in Burundi, a small country of Central Africa directly bordering Rwanda. A near genocidal confrontation opposes rebels mainly composed of ethnic Hutus and a national army with a majority of Tutsis.

This short film relates a sadly frequent episode of this fratricidal conflict: the attack by rebels of a minivan carrying ordinary citizens.

A Kalashnikov bursts out. The bus stops, the passengers get off. An order is barked: "Hutus to the left, Tutsis to the right!" The sorting out begins. But who is a Hutu, who is a Tutsi?

This story is entirely based on real people and situations. It was written by a person who has lived in the beauty of Burundi and suffered its horrors. With emotion, suspense and humor it exposes the absurdity of ethnic and racial strife.

"NA WEWE" (pronounce "Na wayway") means "You too" in Kirundi.


Ireland/15 MIN. Director/Writer: Michael Creagh. Producer: Damon Quinn

Cast: Charlie Bonner, Neilí Conroy, Oran Creagh, Rory Keenan, Olga Wehrly

An 8-year-old schoolboy is so besotted with his teacher that he challenges her boyfriend to a duel to the death.


USA/18 MIN. Director/Writer: Luke Matheny. Producers: Gigi Demant, Ryan Silbert, Stefanie Walmsley.

Cast: Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh, Emily Young, Miguel Rosales

Lounge-singing darts champion Raymond Goodfellow finds his prayers are answered -- literally -- when he receives a mysterious package of passion-inducing darts. The catch is that the one woman he loves -- Kelly, a drummer in his band -- is already in love with Ray's best friend Fozzie, the guitarist in the band. But when Ray uses the darts in a loony scheme to resolve this strange romantic triangle, he learns a surprising lesson about unrequited love and discovers his own place in the universe. Romance is in the air in this bohemian charmer.

Oscar Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Thu-Sat February 24-26, 2011, 9:30 only; Sun February 27, 2011, 3:00 PM only!, Muenzinger Auditorium

All Oscar Shorts, 2010, DP, Not Rated

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