The Suitor

with Rupture • Muenzinger Auditorium

The Suitor

(1962) Under family pressure, astronomy geek Etaix decides to find a fiancée, but is first perpetually sidetracked. Then even while he can’t get rid of a harddrinking brunette, he creates a shrine in his room to a Swedish chanteuse — a more than life-size cutout of her the centerpiece — but what is that monolingual Swedish au pair trying to tell him? Etaix’s practically dialogue-less performance in his first feature is an homage to silent comedy (particularly Keaton’s Seven Chances). Approx. 81 min. 35mm.

Plus short Rupture (1961): Etaix’s attempted “Dear Jean” letter reply is foiled by flying pen nibs, spilled ink, tilting desk, and finally his rocker. Approx. 11 min. 35mm.

The Suitor

Sat April 6, 2013, 7:00 only, Muenzinger Auditorium

France, 1962, in French with English subtitles, Black and White, 83 min, 1.33 : 1 • official site

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