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Story Source Date
IFS unlocks the artistry of Wim Wenders Boulder Weekly 2016-03-31
DJ Spooky on How Rebirth of a Nation Connects Hip-Hop and Film Editing Westword 2016-03-09
Brakhage Center Symposium to honor George Kuchar Boulder Weekly 2016-03-03
15 things to do in Boulder County today Daily Camera 2016-02-24
Nothing left to lose: The tragic life of "Janis: Little Girl Blue" Boulder Weekly 2016-02-04
Campus hosting free 'Trumbo' Screening Daily Camera 2016-02-03
Free screening of 'Trumbo' Feb. 3 honors blacklisted CU alum CU News Center, Boulder Today 2016-02-03
Ten Can't-Miss Movies at CU International Film Series This Season Westword 2016-02-02
Boulder fun for under-21ers Colorado Daily 2016-01-15
In this life or the next: 'The Tales of Hoffman' restored to its proper glory Boulder Weekly 2015-11-19
Flatirons Food Film Festival draws top-shelf talent Daily Camera 2015-10-16
Film & culinary buffs together for 3rd Flatirons Food Film Festival in Boulder Eat Drink Boulder 2015-10-15
Flatirons Food Film Festival Launches October 19 Dining Out Denver & Boulder 2015-10-14
Rebels of the Neon God Westword 2015-10-14
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead Westword 2015-10-09
These guys have all the fun: New doc revives National Lampoon Boulder Weekly 2015-10-08
International Film Series: The Wolfpack Westword 2015-10-06
Forget the stars, aim for right here: The Small Star Seminar comes to IFS Boulder Weekly 2015-09-17
CU-Boulder announces ‘Our Space. Our Future.’ CU News Center 2015-09-14
Cinema verboten: Germany confronts its painful past Boulder Weekly 2015-09-10
Continuing excellence: The International Film Series comes out swinging and doesn't stop Boulder Weekly 2015-08-20
CU-Boulder film, English professor Bruce Kawin retiring after 40 years Daily Camera 2015-05-16
Rewriting the Script: Famed director Shadyac bases his CU classes on 'listening to the students' Daily Camera 2015-04-05
Free Film: Real-life Colorado Cowboy... Daily Camera 2015-04-03
The Hunting Ground: CU screening intense documentary that dives into campus sexual violence Colorado Daily 2015-03-10
International Film Series: Goodbye to Language 3-D Westword 2015-02-28
Goodbye to all of that: Beyond the end with 'Goodbye to Language' Boulder Weekly 2015-02-26
Shadyac's Travels: Boulder has a new face, CU has a new professor and a filmmaker has a new lease on life Boulder Weekly 2015-02-19
To God, there is no zero: From the infinitesimal to the infinite in 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' Boulder Weekly 2015-02-19
IFS packs its schedule with female directors and its first 3D screening Boulder Weekly 2015-01-29
The sound of a true American voice: Shorts, ‘Chop Shop’ and Ramin Bahrani at IFS Boulder Weekly 2015-01-29
Boulder film festival has new name, same goal Daily Camera 2014-10-10
Film on film: 35mm is alive and well at IFS Boulder Weekly 2014-10-02
International Film Series Keeps 35MM Projection Alive Westword Blogs 2014-09-16
A feast for the eyes: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema, 35mm and more Boulder Weekly 2014-09-11
International Film Series will feature director of cult classics Daily Camera 2014-09-04
Best Repertory Cinema Denver 2014 - International Film Series Westword 2014-03-27
International Film Series advanced screening: The Grand Budapest Hotel CU Independent 2014-03-11
Filmmaker Alison Klayman talks about her doc on Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei Westword 2014-03-10
CU-Boulder's Conference on World Affairs Athenaeum to host Alison Klayman Daily Camera 2014-03-05
Oscar-nominated shorts Boulder Weekly 2014-02-13
This year?s Oscar-nominated shorts are sublime Boulder Weekly 2014-02-06
International Film Series prepares a program of kung fu and musicals Boulder Weekly 2014-01-30
Coming Attractions: Film: New Coen Brothers Daily Camera 2013-12-01
Wednesday: Austin Power Westword 2013-11-07
Boulder County Events: Re-Animator Boulder Weekly 2013-10-31
Monstermash Westword 2013-10-31
Tuesday: American Soundtrack Westword 2013-10-31
Boulder indie theaters try to keep up with technology Daily Camera 2013-10-18
State of the art (house) Daily Camera 2013-10-18
Space suits travel campus Daily Camera 2013-10-17
What's On This Weekend: Culture Tips from CPR's Arts Editor http://www.internationalfilmseries.com/news_archive/clippings/cpr_whats_on.mp3 Colorado Public Radio 2013-10-10
Chow Down film festival in Boulder features movies and events about food all weekend Denver Post 2013-10-09
Chow Down, the IFS Food Film Fest, gets off to a pungent start in Boulder tonight Westword Blogs 2013-10-09
New Boulder film festival explores our love of and need for food Daily Camera 2013-10-05
All the buzz on Boulder dining: Two of Boulder's favorite interests, film and food, converge at the ... Daily Camera 2013-10-03
A cinematic feast: IFS' Food Film Festival aims for your stomach Boulder Weekly 2013-09-26
The Reel Deal Westword 2013-09-16
New era for Boulder's International Film Series Boulder Weekly 2013-09-12
Boulder Hosts Modest New Food Film 'Festival' Culinary Colorado 2013-08-17
Here’s Butters: 'South Park' animator to speak in Boulder Boulder Weekly 2013-04-11
Special 'South Park' screening comes to CU-Boulder Thursday Colorado Daily 2013-04-10
Behind the scenes: Ex-CU student talks about life in movies Daily Camera 2013-04-07
Pick of the Day: A failed war on drugs Daily Camera 2013-03-05
A Band Called Death VoicePlaces (Westword) 2013-03-04
Carol Gerlitz: Save the International Film Series Daily Camera Letters to the Editor 2013-03-03
Magnifying injustice Boulder Weekly 2013-02-28
The original crazy drummer: 'Beware of Mr. Baker' explores one of rock’s most interesting personalities Boulder Weekly 2013-02-21
Holy Frenchman, Batman: ‘Holy Motors’ is the weirdest film you will ever see and love Boulder Weekly 2013-02-07
Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines VoicePlaces 2013-02-01
Wonder Woman versus chauvinism Boulder Weekly 2013-01-31
So long, celluloid: Film at the IFS will not go gently into that good night Boulder Weekly 2013-01-24
International Film Series of CU Boulder Fresh Film News 2013-01-08
Free Japan! Boulder Weekly 2012-09-20
Westword Picks Oslo for calendar Westword Blog 2012-09-16
Alamo Drafthouse partners with International Film Series Westword Blog 2012-09-12
Film: Kumare Daily Camera Friday Magazine 2012-09-07
CU?s International Film Series is Boulder?s Art House Theater 8z.com blog 2012-08-29
Festival season kicks off as UMS unveils lineup, Kate Lesta talks Communikey, and more (Warlock Pinchers) Onion A.V. Club 2012-04-25
Film: Cannibal! The Musical Onion A.V. Club 2012-04-19
Pick of the day: Colorado's cannibal Daily Camera 2012-04-19
To Do List: Film Daily Camera 2012-04-15
To Do List: Pick of the Day Daily Camera 2012-04-15
Saturday: Music Daily Camera Friday Magazine 2012-04-13
Film: The Turin Horse Onion A.V. Club 2012-04-11
Inside track: Film Daily Camera 2012-04-06
Inside track: What to do tonight Daily Camera 2012-04-06
My kingdom for some Shakespeare Boulder Weekly 2012-04-05
Happy Birthday, Shakespeare! Celebrate with these Bard-inspired events Westword Blog: Around Town 2012-04-03
Movie Buff: “Connected” C.U. Independent 2012-03-12
For Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage, and screen Colorado Arts & Sciences Magazine 2012-03-07
Pick of the day: Oscar-nominated shorts Daily Camera 2012-02-22
Saturday: Film Daily Camera Friday Magazine 2012-02-17
Saturday: Film Daily Camera 2012-02-17
Biff 2012 Foxy lady Colorado Daily 2012-02-16
(star) Reservoir Dogs Onion A.V. Club 2012-02-15
Quentin Tarantino series features Pam Grier, as well as Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs Westword 2012-02-14
Pam Grier, Star of Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown, to Attend Hit Film Screening at C.U. Boulder and Participate in Q&A Miramax Press Release 2012-02-13
Film: Young Goethe in Love Onion A.V. Club 2012-02-09
Tonight: Film Daily Camera 2012-02-03
Boulder Date Night: Movie night Colorado Daily 2012-01-25
Upcoming IFS season promises collaborations and festival favorites Boulder Weekly 2012-01-25
A Field Guide to the Undergound Film Scene Onion A.V. Club 2012-01-19
Panorama Don't Miss It: Grassroots Boulder Weekly 2011-12-01
Confessions of a film curator part three: Pablo Kjolseth on the IFS Boulder Weekly 2011-11-11
When talent and influence aren't enough Boulder Weekly 2011-11-09
Inside Track: Film Daily Camera 2011-11-06
Inside Track: Film Daily Camera 2011-11-05
Confessions of a curator part two: Pablo Kjolseth on the IFS Boulder Weekly 2011-10-30
Inside Track: Saturday: Movies Daily Camera Friday Magazine 2011-10-28
Confessions of a film curator: Pablo Kjolseth on the IFS Boulder Weekly 2011-10-21
Inside Track, Oct. 21, 2011: Movies Daily Camera 2011-10-21
Tonight: Film: Happy Daily Camera Friday Magazine 2011-10-14
Boulder at Night: Home is where the hush is Colorado Daily 2011-10-12
Horror movie wrap-up Colorado Daily 2011-10-07
Inside Track: Film: Beginners Daily Camera 2011-10-07
Movie Night (3 Things) Colorado Daily 2011-10-07
Pick of the day: Mexico's highway patrol Daily Camera 2011-10-05
Wednesdays with Alex Movie Habit 2011-09-30
When the System Wins Boulder Weekly 2011-09-29
Slow Decay Westword 2011-09-22
Sid & Nancy Colorado Daily 2011-09-21
This Weekend in Boulder: A Weekend of Movies Ahead Colorado Daily web site 2011-09-21
Coming soon: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow at the International Film Series Westword Blog 2011-09-20
PICK OF THE DAY: The Repo Life The Daily Camera 2011-09-14
Kingdom Of Survival The Colorado Daily 2011-09-08
Out With The Old The Colorado Daily 2011-09-08
Cox, Coppola and More The Daily Camera 2011-09-02
Internatinal Film Series gets serious Colorado Daily 2011-09-01
Internatinal Film Series kicks off a serious lineup (teaser) Colorado Daily 2011-09-01
Friendly Faces For Freshies The Colorado Daily 2011-08-25
Who Needs Hollywood? The Colorado Daily 2011-08-25
Don't Escape - Innovate Boulder Weekly 2011-08-18
International Film Series Boulder Weekly Student Guide 2011-08-18
Alex Cox to teach at CU 1 of 2 Daily Camera 2011-05-19
Alex Cox to teach at CU 2 of 2 Daily Camera 2011-05-19
IFS cooperating with Boedecker Theater Boedecker Ad 2011-05-19
70 years The Daily Camera 2011-04-21
Brazil Colorado Daily 2011-04-21
I Am 1 of 3 Colorado Daily 2011-04-19
I Am 2 of 3 Colorado Daily 2011-04-19
I Am 3 of 3 Colorado Daily 2011-04-19
70th Anniversary interview with Pablo Boulder Weekly 2011-04-11
127 Hours Colorado Daily 2011-03-28
Woodmans Daily Camera 2011-03-27
Stingray Sam Daily Camera 2011-03-25
Blue Valentine The Colorado Daily 2011-03-03
Blue Valentine The Colorado Daily 2011-03-03
Oscar Shorts The Colorado Daily 2011-02-17
Film: Pablo Kjolseth's IFS spring calendar picks 1 of 4 Westword 2011-01-28
Film: Pablo Kjolseth's IFS spring calendar picks 2 of 4 Westword 2011-01-28
Film: Pablo Kjolseth's IFS spring calendar picks 3 of 4 Westword 2011-01-28
Film: Pablo Kjolseth's IFS spring calendar picks 4 of 4 Westword 2011-01-28
Blue Valentine Front Cover The Daily Camera 2010-12-24
Blue Valentine Full Page The Daily Camera 2010-12-24
Blue Valentine Half Page The Daily Camera 2010-12-24
Howl Boulder Weekly 2010-10-21
Howl Cover The Daily Camera 2010-10-15
Howl Cover Story The Daily Camera 2010-10-15
Valhalla Rising The Onion 2010-10-14
Howl Westword 2010-10-12
Howl The Daily Camera 2010-10-08
Howl The Daily Camera 2010-10-08
Breathless Westword 2010-10-06
Breathless The Onion 2010-10-06
Animation Nation Westword 2010-09-23
The Red Riding Trilogy The Onion 2010-09-23
The Red Riding Trilogy The Onion 2010-09-09
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