Cover art for Spring 2015
Index of visiting artists
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The International Film Series is run by a small but dedicated staff of movie lovers. Look for us at any show and let us know how we're doing.

Pablo Kjolseth

Pablo Kjolseth, IFS Executive Director. Duties & Responsibilities: Handling finances related to IFS, classroom, and PA accounts, including all invoiced payments due, scope-of-work employees (website, print media, calendar), student hourly supervision & payroll oversight, office coordination, as well as oversight over three media specialists. Responsible also for IFS film programming, screening IFS submissions, providing content for all ads, programs, posters, and flyers. Film trafficking: making sure all film and DCP inbound and outbound shipping is taken care of in timely fashion. Other financial responsibilities include filling out box-office reports, billing out payables, coordinating special-events (sneak previews, four-walled events, academic outreach, visiting filmmakers, etc.), sales, marketing, press releases, interviews, ad contracts and meeting with ad reps and entertainment editors, overseeing customer service for the IFS, and three or four business trips a year to meet with other film exhibitors and distributors to keep abreast of changing models for the business of film exhibition. Coordinating Norlin & Film Studies acquisitions. Oversight on all equipment upgrades taking place in screening spaces (critical studies & IFS). New duties include providing content for social media that include the IFS FB page and Twitter feed, and donor relations & fundraising.

John Adams

John Adams, Graphic Design & Layout. John Adams created the graphics for the IFS web site and produces the IFS schedule and print ads. He's a Boulder area digital graphic artist, cartoonist and 3-D modeler/animator whose work can be seen at John Adams Graphic Art.

Marty Mapes

Marty Mapes, Webmaster. Editor of Movie Habit, Marty developed the last several versions of our web site, and also our iOS app. Thanks to him we have daily reminders, weekly updates, custom schedules, and automatic tweets, to name a few. A computer whiz and a film critic, Marty is a great addition to our staff.

Jason Phelps

Jason Phelps, IFS Minion and Projectionist, unsure of what to say about himself, simply mailed over a dried-out Sharpie, a drawing of what we believe to be a status bar, a check for the amount of $0.83, and a piece of paper with the words "you're welcome" scribbled on it. Thanks?

John Templeton

John Templeton, Senior Union Projectionist. John Templeton has 40 years experience as a projectionist and has worked as a camera operator on films such as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and many more.

Julia Joun

Julia Joun, Promotion and IFS Food Film Festival Organizer Julia Joun created and organized the first IFS Food Film Festival in 2013. She also coordinates and implements promotional campaigns for IFS films.

Zoe Harris

Zoe Harris is working towards a double degree film major and a minor in philosophy. She likes to travel and mess around in the dark room with the film and chemicals and then go spend time in the sunshine.

John Swihart

John Swihart is a sophomore film student from Colorado. When he isn't glued to some form of screen, he enjoys camping and going to concerts. Favorite films are science-fiction and crime films.

Kate Lawlor

Kate Lawlor is working toward a degree in Film Studies minoring in Technology Arts and Media. Besides long walks on the beach, she enjoys watching/making films, a cappella music, and the little things in life.

Kelsey Samuels

Kelsey Samuels is currently in her senior year at the University of Colorado majoring in Psychology, but is a secret Film Studies major at heart. When she's not watching Netflix, she is cooking and writing about it, eating popcorn and M&Ms, or previewing upcoming movie trailers. She aspires to one day work alongside Wes Anderson in creating the most symmetrical film ever made.

Hannah Pike

Hannah Pike is currently working towards her BFA in film and loves to spend time in the dark room or the mountains. She enjoys long walks to Regent and hiking with her beautiful dog, Skye.

Renee Paiement

Renee Paiement is a Junior at CU and a double major in English Literature and Film Studies. She spends a lot of time reading books and watching films but yoga and snowboarding are also top priorities. Her ultimate career goal is to find work as a screenwriter.

Albert Whitemore

Albert Whitemore is currently a senior BA student in the studies of all things related to film. When he is not trapped in the halls and rooms of the ATLAS building he enjoys taking in the Colorado lifestyle and planning an epic round-the-world motorcycle trip.

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