First Person Cinema began in 1953 under the leadership of Stan Brakhage and Bruce Conner. It is the longest existing exhibition program for avant-garde film in the world. The First Person Cinema program remains one of the most successful in the country. The program exhibits works by established and emerging film artists, and offers a historical perspective as well as a contemporary view of experimental film and video. The program strives to present work that has had a seminal influence on the development of alternative media, while also examining new achievements in film aesthetics and contextualizing them. The First Person Cinema program has brought to the Rocky Mountain region a host of world-famous independent avant-garde filmmakers. A short list of some of the visitors who have exhibited in the series includes Ken Jacobs, Michael Snow, Carolee Schneeman, Peter Kubelka, Bruce Conner, and Jen Reeves, and many young emerging artists have screened their latest work in our series.

The First Person Cinema offers 10 to 12 shows per year of personal appearances by film artists. The Program is dedicated to experimental works, primarily non-narrative pieces in film and video. Those interested in having their work shown in this series may send a tape or DVD to Don Yannacito, who has been programming this series since the late 1960s. Applicants must submit their work at least 6 months in advance of a spring or fall series. There are no shows during the summer months.

Previous Visiting Filmmakers