Speaking in Code

Techno Music Doc Followed by Q&A with Director Amy Grill • Atlas 100

Speaking in Code

Speaking in Code is a personal journey through a world where people give up everything to be lost in music. A techno lover (and the director's then-husband) risks it all to change Boston from a rock town into a techno city. A jet-set journalist moves from America to Barcelona seeking a more complete techno lifestyle. An East German DJ duo struggle to adapt to the pressures of unexpected celebrity. A rising Berlin-based producer group face the most nerve-wracking and important performance of their career. While making the film, the director herself gets lost in music, as she puts everything on the line to finish Speaking in Code.

It's an alternately heartbreaking and lighthearted documentary following a handful of people who make electronic music their lives.

Starring: Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Monolake, Philip Sherburne, David Day & Amy Grill

Also featuring: Ellen Allien, Tobias Thomas, Marc LeClair AKA Akufen, Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voigt, Sascha Ring AKA Apparat, Sascha Funke, Mario Willms AKA Douglas Greed, Miss Kittin, Dan Paluska AKA Six Million Dollar Dan, Mike Uzzi AKA Smartypants

Featuring music by: Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Robag Wruhme, Ellen Allien & Apparat, The Field, Monolake, Michael Mayer, Gas, Jonas Bering, SCSI-9, Gui Boratto, Superpitcher, Steadycam, Dettinger, The Rice Twins, Reinhard Voigt, Oxia

Director/Producer Amy Grill. Edited by Jason Blanchard and Amy Grill. Director of Photography Scott Sans

Speaking in Code

Fri April 17, 2009, 4:30 & 7:00, Atlas 100

USA, 2008, English, Color, 85 min, unrated, DV-CAM (1.85:1) • official site

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